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Roasted Roots

Trimmings: Roasted Roots

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the trimmings and these roasted roots are a recipe to try out regardless!  One of our favourite ways to bring out flavours in vegetables is by roasting them with some onions or leeks. We’re making the most of this season with roasted roots, Brussels sprouts, carrots, baby potatoes and red […] Read more…

Vegan Eggnog

Holiday Drink: Eggnog

Who doesn’t love a glass of eggnog at a party? Our holiday drink hack for eggnog is substituting the eggs and cream with some silken tofu! While that’s a little scandalous, it’s also genius!  It alway feels like party season is in full swing by the third week of December. It’s no less true for […] Read more…

Peppermint Truffles

Peppermint Truffles

Peppermint truffles are the ultimate after-dinner treat! If we’re being really honest though, anytime of the day suits us just fine for one of these. We’re huge fans of chocolate and there’s usually a bar of dark chocolate floating around us if we’re working at the weekend.  Don’t get us wrong we love being naughty […] Read more…

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