Cookbooks We Wish Existed

We love food bloggers but we also love cookbooks and one of the reasons we love fall is because of all the new cookbooks that arrive on the scene. While we love looking online for delicious recipes, who doesn’t enjoy browsing and getting inspired by beautiful cookbooks? Thinking about those new glossy pages that have yet to be splattered and splashed upon while cooking in the kitchen makes us want to do our Pharrell Williams happy dance.

It might seem like there are cookbooks for just about everything but according to our foodie imagination (think Disney’s Inside Out but in the mind of glutton), there are still some cookbooks left unwritten. Here’s hoping some food bloggers (and publishers) will pay attention to our cookbook dreams and put together these recipe collections. We promise that these cookbooks will do more than just sit pretty on our coffee tables.

Cookbooks We Wish Existed

The Dummies Guide To Making Macarons

Given how many people love macarons it’s not hard to see why this one is a potential best seller! Until some genius figures that out, try this guide and check out the video, apparently it’s possible to make macarons in five minutes!

2 Ingredient Desserts Cookbook

Do we really need to say anymore? Imagine a cookbook of no less than two hundred pages with two-ingredient dessert recipes. Check out this dessert from Shared Appetite, a recipe after our own heart.

Three Ingredient Meals Cookbook

A one stop shop for stuff like spaghettini aglio e olio and cacio e pepe. So basically, a cookbook full of three-ingredient pasta recipes and maybe some more desserts.

SOS: A five minute back-up recipe cookbook for when you burn the actual meal

We have a feeling this one used to be called the phone book before Google came along! As you wait for the food to be delivered, don’t fret, instead check out this Huffington Post piece on ways to salvage burnt food – yay!

Which cookbooks do you need in your life? Tell us about them below!

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