Holiday baking is the best thing about Christmas! We love nothing more than the smell of something warm and festive baking away in the the oven! 

Healthy Holiday Baking

In this recipe roundup, we bring you some healthy holiday baking courtesy of our favourite food bloggers! So fire up the oven, grab your mixing bowls and measuring cups, because some seriously delicious and healthy holiday baking is about to go down! 


Healthy Holiday Baking

First up, it’s The Healthy Maven. If you don’t already know, Davida gets our hearts racing with her healthy twists on recipes and baked goods. Cranberries and walnuts are in such abundance these days, her Gluten-Free Cranberry and Walnut Loaf is at the top of our to-bake list. What you don’t have one of those yet?! Check out the recipe here…

Healthy Christmas Baking

Photo Courtesy: The Healthy Maven 


In thirty minutes you can create an amazing holiday cooke with Fit Foodie Finds. Her Paleo Hot Cocoa Cookie, is glutton friendly (so basically, us). Lee encourages sharing these delicious treats with family friends, but seriously, do we have to? Check out the recipe here… 

Healthy Holiday Baking

Photo Courtesy: Fit Foodie Finds 


We had a really tough time just choosing one of Garden Heart’s recipes but of course, these Chocolate Maca Muffins won. Because CHOCOLATE and these muffins have superfood. So they are superfood muffins, which means we can at least two, right Elena? Check out the recipe here…

Healthy Holiday Baking

Photo Courtesy: Garden Heart 


We agree with Lynn that one of the lovely things about Christmas are the traditions, the public ones and our own personal ones (and eating). This recipe for Healthy Almond and Cinnamon Stars from Heavenlynn Healthy are wonderful cookies to share with loved ones or as gifts. Knowing us though and our general disposition with cookies, they probably won’t make it into anyone’s Christmas stockings! Click here for the recipe…

Healthy Holiday Baking

Photo Courtesy: Heavenlynn Healthy  

Do you have any healthy holiday baking recipes? We’d love to add them to our recipe bucket list – share the links in the comments below!

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