Kitchen Gadgets We Wish Existed

Kitchen stores are a slippery slope, because every foodie worth their weight knows that when cooking they’ll wonder why they didn’t buy that adjustable rolling pin or flexicado slicer. While there’s a kitchen gadget for almost everything, there are somethings that still don’t exist but really should. The struggle is real…

Kitchen Gadgets We Wish Existed

Instant Defroster 

Because in a day and age where we have driverless cars no one should have to wait for food to defrost. Waiting for chicken (or anything for that matter) to unfreeze is the worst… that’s why this imaginary kitchen gadget is the first on our list!


Onion Eyewear 

Our hearts (and eyes) just can’t take it anymore. A kitchen gadget to protect our eyes whilst chopping up gorgeous onions would make us much happier! While on the plus side this means caramelizing a lot more onions for galettes from Two Red Bowls the down side is we’ll be smelling of onions all the time.

Onion Meme

Zest Resistant Eyewear 

Okay so technically you could double up your onion goggles for zest protection but it would be like using a steak knife for paring. Even though the recipes are always worth it – zest in your eye really hurts! A kitchen gadget to protect our eyes when in pursuit of zest would be cushy!


Instant Sweet Potato Baker 

When they caramelize in their skins and the sap starts to ooze out – you’re in for the ultimate baked sweet potato. The only trouble is you have to wait at least an hour for that to happen and even though good things come to those who wait, an instant sweet potato baking kitchen gadget has the potential to rock our world.

Sweet Potato

Garlic Resistant Skin Protectors 

With Halloween around the corner garlicky fingers might come in handy but mostly it’s a pain. Cooking without garlic would prove too detrimental especially with recipes like garlic green beans from The Healthy Maven. So a kitchen gadget that keeps our digits garlic free sounds dreamy!

garlic meme

Which kitchen gadgets do you wish existed? Leave a comment sharing them with us below!

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  • Najeeb Omar

    Someone should surly come up with goggles for the kitchen. You can’t cook if you can’t see and tears are salty. Too much salt is no good.

    • Love To Eat It

      Not being able to see while we are cooking would break our hearts!

  • Wendy Rocío Pérez

    Onion eye wear would be lovely

    • Love To Eat It

      Especially it’s a little prexy!

  • Saadullah Khan

    I would add a magical spatula that doesn’t waste any cake / cookie batter to the list! Although it’s just as fun licking the bowl..

    • Love To Eat It

      Nooooooo we’ll never give up our bowl licking rights even if it is for a magic spoon!

  • lind

    You can actually buy googles designed for cutting onions. They are called onion goggles. Apparently swimming goggles work as well.

    • Love To Eat It

      Haha! That’s awesome. We were hoping for some state of the art onion googles that are steam resistant :)