It’s January so pretty much everyone wants to get healthy. We don’t believe in dieting (clearly) but we do believe in eating well and to get healthy there’s no need to eat less, just get cooking at home! 

At Love To Eat It balance is important, chocolate on some days and veggies on others. If there’s one thing we love doing it’s cooking a yummy recipe at home. Not only does this end up being cheaper (we could all do with saving some pennies in January) but much healthier! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite YouTube videos to get you inspired and cooking delicious and healthy food in no time! 


We love a bit of spiralizing (The Healthy Maven’s Spiralized Apple Crumble for example) but if the idea of zoodles or courgetti doesn’t appeal to you then this delicious chicken satay salad might be for you!


Want to eat well but don’t have the time? The Body Coach’s cheeky lean in fifteen minute meals shared in fifteen second videos will give you a chuckle and some inspo! 

Want to shake up your oatmeal routine or get into oatmeal but don’t have time in the morning? Jamie Oliver’s got an indulgent recipe full of the good stuff!

If you insist that you want to eat kale and quinoa in 2016 then this recipe from Healthnut Nutrition has everything you need.


If you fancy something sweet Livia’s Kitchen serves up her famous yummy banana crumble recipe in this video and though makes an amazing dessert we’ve been known to eat this for breakfast as well!

What are you going to cook in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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