Ways To Make Food More Delicious

Straight up, beautifully cooked food is pretty damn delicious but chefs, home cooks and food bloggers are always finding new ways to make it even more delicious, which is basically the icing on our cake. Only they can turn boring cauliflower into beautiful buns or green smoothies into party drinks! Over the years they’ve found delicious ways to change the way we cook and eat food and these are some of our favourite ways.

  1. Dark chocolate bars with sea salt – um, enough said! 
  2. Roasting chicken on a bed of red onions.  
  3. Adding cacao powder to your chilli and other savoury food dishes is a thing and you have to make it your thing. 
  4. Roasting sweet potatoes and butternut squash instead of boiling them for mash, our chief foodie officer doesn’t serve up mash any other way! 
  5. Roasting potatoes in goose fat at Thanksgiving or Christmas 
  6. Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables whenever possibly especially pomegranates and pumpkins.   
  7. Massaging kale makes it delicious and takes away the bitterness – after one massaged kale salad you’ll buy the jumper! 
  8. Adding hot sauce to our horse radish, or horse radish to our hot sauce – our sandwiches swear by it!  
  9. Playing music while cooking, dancing while cooking… spending time cooking! 
  10. Befriending, knowing or living with someone who knows how to cook and loves it. 

What are your favourite ways of elevating food? Tell us about them below!

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